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We meet the current requirements and have a COVID plan in place and lodged accordingly . This is displayed at the front reception area.


These classes are currently aimed at couples; ie. you are already in a relationship or in some form of relationship with the partner you are bringing along to class and whereby attending this class is not putting yourself or other participants at additional risk. We will be running extra classes for singles however no “pairing” will take place at the rope space. Classes for singles will be self tying classes and various drills & exercises or incorporated into group classes on an ad hoc basis.


As of February 2022, Adelaide Rope Space will require all staff and attendees to be up to date with their COVID vaccinations in order to gain entry. This was a difficult decision but one we feel is in the best interest of us all. Please speak privately with Blondie if there are any concerns with this.



1. ENTRY- WE HAVE A QR CODE or if you don’t have your mobile phone we have a hard copy system.


2. Please only arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to class and leave promptly. 


3. Upon entry, at the reception area you will be asked to sanitise your hands


4. If you are unwell please do not come to class or enter the premises. 


5. If you have been interstate within the last 14 days or in contact with anyone unwell please do not come to class and notify us. Class sizes are limited so if you can’t make the class for any reason, please give us notice so that we can open the spot up for another couple. 


6. Paper towels are now available in the 2 bathroom areas and bins provided


7. There are 2 baskets for rope. One contains the “clean” rope the other is to place the rope into once you have finished tying.  We encourage you to bring along your own rope however rope is still available. You are asked to sanitise your hands again before grabbing rope from the basket. 


8. For the time being there is no coffee tea or drinking water facilities. We ask that you bring along your OWN bottle of water. 


9. Mats will be out upon your arrival. Please take all your belongings directly to your mat.


10. Staff will hand out wipes at the end of the session for cleaning mats and also come around with a bin to put all wipes in. 


11. As per the current restrictions numbers are kept to a minimum.

12. For the first few classes you can get by without a partner to tie however after a few classes you would need to bring someone along with you. We are unable to allow "singles" to meet up on the night and "partner up" unfortunately. 


13. At this stage, we ask that you do not socialise around in the kitchen or lounge area but leave promptly after class and arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class . 


We apologise for the changes to our procedures however we need to adhere to the restrictions and ensure that all staff and participants are as safe as possible under the current environment. 

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