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Blondie has travelled extensively to pursue her love of rope and travels regularly to Tokyo for training, having trained at the Osada-ryu Honbu Dojo in Tokyo every year since 2014, and in 2016 and 2017 was awarded Honarary Kyu Certificates for training.
Blondie has trained with numerous world class Shibari artists including Satomi, Kanna, Kinoko, Barkas, Kazami Ranki, Ren Yagami, Yukimura …. And Osada Steve.

Blondie has performed at a variety of events including Sexpo, Switch, Fringe and Chambers (Sydney).​

With over 20 years experience in rope and a teaching background it makes her one of the most sought after teachers in Adelaide.

A note from: Osada Steve(長田スティーブ)who is recognised within the worldwide Shibari community:


Blondie Katie has a long and distinguished career of studying directly under Osada Steve since 2011. 

She has had intensive training at the Osada-ryu HQ in seven (7) different visits to Tokyo.

Blondie Katie has obtained 4th kyu certification in Osada-ryu. Blondie Katie has chosen to follow Osada-ryu as it encompasses a wide range of choices from the caressing and shuuchi nawa styles of Yukimura Haruki sensei to the suspension and semenawa styles of Akechi Denki sensei. Through a variety of private lessons Blondie Katie has also been exposed to the teachings of Nawashi Kanna and Yagami Ren.


Renae, affectionately nicknamed “babydoll” is a great asset to our team. She has been tied by some of the great Japanese Riggers and brings a wealth of experience to our teachings and discussions. Together we have travelled extensively to further our skills and knowledge.

From time to time, Adelaide Rope Space will have guest instructors attending on Wednesday evenings and running advanced workshops on occasional Saturdays.

Please see our calendar page for information.

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